How to Save Water in Your Garden


Advice on Designing and Maintaining a Waterwise Garden!

There are many things you can do to make your garden a little more ‘Waterwise’. Small changes can result in a big impact on both your water bill and the environment. Here are a few ideas to get you started and/or keep you on track.


Consider planting Native’s as they generally require less water. Use a soil improver before planting and add a layer of mulch. Mulch helps to slow evaporation and retain moisture in the soil. Grouping plants that require similar sunlight and watering requirements into zones makes for easier setting and scheduling of watering. Check out the Water Corporation’s Waterwise ‘Plant Search’ directory link below which lists the plants that will grow best in your area as well as a rating for how much water they require.

Waterwise Plant Search

Water your lawn in the cooler parts of the day (before 9am or after 6pm) to avoid evaporation and allow moisture to soak through to the roots. Applying a wetting agent a few times a year is also helpful.

Smart Controllers
Consider upgrading to a Smart Wi-Fi controller. They can adjust your controller and watering by receiving local weather reports. If it is going to rain, it will delay your watering saving water and your money. We have the Orbit B-Hyve Wifi Controller in stock…come in and find out more.


Reticulation Design
Bring your measurements and a waterflow reading and let us design your DIY Reticulation System. Not keen to DIY, we can help with organising a quote for a complete installation.

Leaking reticulation pipes & broken sprinklers could be wasting thousands of litres of water every year which adds up to a big additional cost in your yearly household budget. Check your system on a regular basis and be sure to switch off your reticulation in the winter months.
Check out the link below for a great article and video on flushing out your system and cleaning your nozzles.

Flushing your Retic System and Cleaning your Nozzles

Happy Gardening!

Trish Woodford