What Type of Sprinklers do I Need?

Hunter Pop Up

The correct choice of sprinkler for your reticulation system in Perth is integral to the successful watering of your lawn and garden. It will depend on the size of the lawn area or garden bed and also the type of plants your watering (ie. herbs, natives, flowering shrubs etc). Another important factor is your water flow and pressure at your property, this will factor into the type and quantity of sprinklers required. This can be approximately calculated by timing how long it takes for water from your outside tap to fill a bucket.

Pop Up Sprinklers
For household lawns Pop Up Sprinklers are the way to go. The water pressure ‘pops up’ the sprinkler head, returning it back down flush with the overall sprinkler when the system is turned off. The number of pop up' sprinklers you can have operating at any one time will depend on what your water flow and pressure is at your residential property and also the type of sprinkler/nozzle you are using. Different brands and types of sprinklers/nozzles use a varying amount of litres per minute to correctly operate. This may require you to break your lawn area up into a number of stations or zones. Pop ups can also be used in garden beds….although sometimes just the sprinkler nozzle mounted on a rigid riser is a good option as it enables the water to get above and over slightly higher shrubs.
So what type or brand of Pop Up is best? It is definitely worthwhile investing in a quality sprinkler, there are many leading industry brands that will well outlast their cheap competitors. Come in and see us and we can guide you in the right direction. We stock a wide range of Hunter, Toro & Rainbird Pop Ups & Nozzles suitable for your average residential household gardens as well as Gear Drives and MP Rotators for larger areas.

Micro Jets

Micro Jets can be a great option for smaller garden beds and are generally used in conjunction with Poly Pipe and Risers which also makes them an economical watering solution. Micro Jets emit a soft, fine spray and come in a variety of spray patterns ie. full, half, quarter and strip.


When it comes to watering your hanging baskets or potted plants out on your deck, balcony or courtyard, save yourself the trouble of using a watering can. This is where a drip system can be a great time saving solution. As the name implies, water ‘drips’ directly down into the soil which results in less water evaporation, making it a very efficient and waterwise option.

Whatever your watering requirements, come in and get friendly knowledgable advice from Perth’s most trusted irrigation and reticulation specialists. Conveniently located in Bibra Lake covering Spearwood, Cockburn, Atwell and the greater Perth metropolitan area.

Trish Woodford